Design & Construction

Designing new homes and spaces on a larger or smaller scale is the pre-construction stage that impresses the client’s dream on paper. In collaboration with the competent engineers, architects, civil engineers, etc., we undertake the completion of all legal planning procedures (building approval and permit) in order to proceed with construction. We can complete any small or large scale licensing process, with complete professionalism but also prompt and reliable organization.

Benakis Constructions undertakes new constructions either from concrete (reinforced concrete) or stone, as well as renovations of existing buildings and smaller spaces. We also build additions to existing buildings, concrete or prefabricated pool constructions or other minor interventions.

The project is fully undertaken by our company with the involvement of our workshops and the competent engineers.
Excellent construction is the main pillar of our company as the creation of durable constructions of any scale for our client is a prime goal. This is why we guarantee quality and durability over time as we vouch for an excellent result.

Every construction fulfills customers’ expectations that we strive to satisfy in the outmost. We strive for the best result in quality, within the agreed time, as upon project’s completion we stay connected with the customer, offering him the guarantee of the entire construction. Our projects are and will continue to be the stamp of our company name as a trust company over the years. For us, our name is also our signature, the signature to guarantee the quality, reliability and validity of all work, on every scale of work we undertake. With cooperation and consistency we reach the final result, which is both for our client and for us to fulfill the dream.

Because we are building your dreams!